Seek Greener Pastures


Golf, a game that was once considered a part of Elitism, is not the same anymore. Or, we at CIAL intend to think otherwise. In the middle of Kerala, the God’s own country, lies a heavenly strip of lush grasslands boasting 7400 yards, with a Championship 18-Hole course which we are sure will facilitate the guests to relax, recharge and even tingle their sportsman spirit, irrespective of the label of being a beginner, mid-level or the expert. We don’t have to boast about the world-class facilities that we provide in this golf-course, as it takes no time for a trained eye to see, what is premium. Cochin International Airport (CIAL) has been showcased as an example where Public Private Partnership has worked wonders. The company has grown from strength to strength since its inception. With the phenomenal success it met with its first initiative - Cochin Airport, it has looked beyond and drawn out elaborate plans for further development of the adjoining land. The master plan envisages the establishment of everything from Aircraft maintenance to Convention centre. The CIAL Golf & Country Club (CGCC) has been developed on 130 acres of rolling greens. CGCC is designed to play to a length of over 7430 yards and is the only 18-Hole golf course in Kerala. Open 365 days a year, it aims to be the numero uno of the golfing circuit in this part of the world. CGCC is an eco-friendly all-weather golf course that is comparable to the best with Bermuda TifDwarf on the greens and Bermuda 419 on the tees and fairways. It is the first course in the country to offer an Island green on the 18th Hole for a very exciting and challenging round of Golf. The third phase of the Driving range, Golf academy, Guest room, Health club and Party area was completed on January 2014. Intended mainly for weekend holidaymakers, tourists, and business travellers, we at CIAL truthfully hope this initiative will help etch a memory in the visitor’s hearts every time they think about Kochi, which eventually will make them longing to travel back here, again.