Golf for you

The course

Golf, a game that was once considered as a part of Elitism, is not the same anymore. Or, we at CIAL intend to think otherwise. In the middle of Kerala, God’s own country, lies a heavenly strip of lush grasslands boasting 7430 yards, with a Championship 18-Hole course which we are sure will facilitate the guests to relax, recharge and even tingle their sportsman spirit, irrespective of the label of being a beginner, mid-level or expert. We don’t have to boast about the world-class facilities that we provide in this golf-course, as it takes no time for a trained eye to see, what is premium. Intended mainly for weekend holiday makers, tourists, and business travellers, we at CIAL truthfully hope this initiative will help etch a memory in the visitor’s heart every time they think about Kochi, which eventually will make them longing to travel back here, again.

About the Club

We’ve read a lot about how a Public Private Partnership succumbed in their operation, in many places. On the contrary, Cochin International Airport (CIAL) is fluid in it’s operations and also an example, where a Public Private Partnership worked wonders. Since it’s development, the company has grown exponentially. Cochin Airport, our first venture, was an instant hit- not only in terms of finance, but also the way it facilitated the local people in their transportation and also by providing jobs to qualified persons, which all-together made the Cochin Airport, a phenomenal success. We believe there should be a moment where the success is to be savoured and after that, work should restart. Hence, elaborate plans were made to develop the adjoining land, near the Cochin Airport. A master plan which included the establishment of everything from Aircraft maintenance to Convention centre, was prepared.

The CIAL Golf Club (CGC) , the only 18 Hole golf course in Kerala, has been developed on 130 acres of rolling greens. Open 365 days a year, CGC is designed to play to a length of over 7430 yards. CGC, is in it’s due-course to become the Number One Golfing Circuit, especially in South India. As an eco-friendly all-weather golf course, we believe CGC is comparable to the best with Bermuda TifDwarf on the greens and Bermuda 419 on the tees and fairways. We know how much challenging and exciting is the 18th Hole , and we made sure CGCC is the first course in the country to offer an Island green on the 18th Hole.


Golf’s Own Country

It would be a surprise to know that, Golf was played in Kerala since the mid-1800s. The Trivandrum Golf Club, mapped in the southern-most tip of India, is one of the best and also the oldest in the country. This Golf Club which was laid out mainly for the Kings who ruled Travancore, during that period of time (1850’s). The fondness the Royalties had for the game, not only helped lay the infrastructure for Golf in this area, but also gave a strong foundation for the younger generation for seizing out tremendous opportunities this game delivers , both in a business aspect and also building a classy routine.

It was under the supervision of Sree Moolam Thirunal, the Late Maharaja of Travancore, The Trivandrum Golf Course started functioning, in 1850. The first Golf Course was opened, either in Europe or in USA, only in 1880, which signifies the fact that how early we were in catching up with the trends of society. This also might be an astonishing factor to some of the readers. The Trivandrum Golf Club is the second oldest Golf Course outside Great Britain, after Royal Calcutta Golf Club. The Golf Course was not opened to the Public, but was exclusive only for the personal use of the Maharaja and his guests and foreign dignitaries.

The Trivandrum Golf Club is the second oldest Golf Course outside Great Britain, after Royal Calcutta Golf Club. The Golf Course was not opened to the Public, but was exclusive only for the personal use of the Maharaja and his guests and foreign dignitaries.

In fact, the Golf Course land was his hunting grounds and the course was carved out through the undergrowth. This brushwood remains to this day lining most of the fairways on the Golf Course. The total area is 25.38 acres, while the golfing area has remained unchanged at 14 acres. The Travancore Royal Palace remained in control of the Golf Course till 1950, when it was handed over to the State Government of Kerala who leased it out to The Trivandrum Golf Club headed by Col G V Raja, the patriarch of all Sports and Tourism activities, from the Travancore Royal Family in 1967. It was around this time that the Golf Course was redesigned by Peter Thompson from Australia and the layout has not changed since then. The current golf courses in the state are Trivandrum Golf Club (TGC), High Range Golf Club, Munnar (HRGC), Peerumade Golf Club (PGC), Cochin Golf Club (CGC)-Bolghatty Island Cochin, Naval Golf Club (NGC) Naval Base Wellington Island- Cochin, CIAL Golf Club (CGC), Nedumbassery-Cochin. CGC is proud to announce that it is the first 18-hole Golf course in Kerala.

When Cochin Welcomed Golf

Even though, Golf was introduced in Cochin as early as 1922, the game was blanket-wrapped to be suiting only the upper-class people. The CIAL Golf Club (CGC) facilitated in making the people think otherwise.

CGC is surely instrumental in making the local people of Kochi, to take up the sport religiously, and also help grow in importance as a serious pass-time. CGC commenced operations in August 2010 with 9 Holes, driving range, practice green, Croquet, Lawn Bowls and a swimming pool. The Club house has a Restaurant, Gym, Card Room, Board Room, Party area, Pro shop, and Locker Room. The CIAL Golf and Country Club is the first 18 Hole all weather championship golf course in Kerala since January 2014.

Kochi being the trade and business hub of Kerala, the interest in Golf has only grown, over the years. The increasing popularity of Golf, being one of the sporting pastimes that allow business elaboration at the same time, has increased the number of golf courses in India and Kerala too.